Terms And Conditions


The following terms and conditions represent an agreement between the two parties being; Find Your Match Us) and the participant (You). The objectives of these terms and conditions is to facilitate the best possible service and experience for you the participant looking for a spouse either for yourself or on behalf of someone else. These terms and conditions are deemed to be binding upon the participant following registration and booking our events or our services. Upon registration to any event or service the participant hereby agrees to abide by the following:

Anti-Discrimination Policy

By agreeing to our terms and conditions you agree to our anti-discrimination policy. Our anti-discrimination policy determines that everyone has equal rights to be consider as a spouse without prejudice against their physical characteristics, their chosen form of employment, their cultural background or their personal preferences. Everyone should have an equal opportunity for meetings and genuine consideration for marriage. Who one determines to marry is entirely up to them, but making such a decision before one has even met someone, we believe, is wrong.


Attendees are required to respect all other attendees and the staff and the organisers. This means that rude behaviour, sarcasm, and general disrespect will not be tolerated. Failure to do so could lead to action including potential expulsion from our events or services without a refund.
Any rebuke or correction of another attendee is the sole right and responsibility of the Find Your Match organisers. If anyone feels that another attendee or staff member is behaving incorrectly, then Find Your Match organisers or administration should be informed immediately so that Find Your Match organisers or the administration can address the matter in the most appropriate and effective way.


If the participant fails to attend a booked event or service, or arrives late we are not obliged to give any refund. This is regardless of the circumstances.


We claim the right to our layout and presentation via diagrams, tables, wording, style or anything contained within. If anyone wishes to use our materials (in the form that they are presented by Us), they must first seek our permission, and secondly make the necessary references in their footnotes, and bibliography.


As with all interaction between people, it is possible that differences and even conflicts can occur. Whilst ‘we’ will take all possible steps to prevent this, it is possible that participants may not be happy with some aspect of our events or services or establishment.
In relation to this we remind the participant of the religious obligation to deal with any grievances with the proper Islamic etiquettes, by reporting anything negative directly to Us. This is to ensure any issues are dealt with in an the most efficient and effective manner without causing unnecessary harm.
As much as is possible it is desired that any issues arising are dealt with quietly and discreetly. We remind the student that covering another Muslims mistakes is a vital part of Islam, and is necessary for the cohesion of the Muslim community. We welcome any recommendations and advice and we will take all complaints very seriously.

By conveying ones displeasure without taking the Islamic means of correction the student may fall into haraam and potentially a major sin. We request therefore that participants kindly establish this proactive, constructive and productive communication with Us so that we are made aware of any shortcomings.


Once a participant has committed a particular event or service, they are obligated to complete the full payment of that which they signed up for unless it is formally agreed that participants can pay in instalments.


Every participant who books an event has the right to cancel any booking made (provided we are given in excess of two weeks notice before the event or service start date) due to:
•A booking made by mistake, in which we will give a full re-fund
•In order to change their booking to another event or service, in which we will re-fund the difference if it occurs.

However, any costs that are incurred upon us in order to process the participants booking transaction will be the responsibility of the participant to pay if they cancel their booking and want a refund.

Once the event or service has started, or profiles have been made available in our matrimonial events, we cannot give a refund.

We reserve the right to cancel any event or service for whatever reason up to 7 days prior to the event or service date and re-fund participants the amount they have paid in full regardless of any fees incurred upon us in order to process their booking transaction.


Any details entrusted to us will not be passed onto any organisation or individual external to Find Your Match and Arabic-Courses.com or our sister organisations. Your information is an ‘Amaanah’ (a trust) and it is sinful to betray this Trust.
We do NOT record any details regarding the users;

Bank account information,

Debit Card/Credit Card information.

All information regarding the users Debit Card/Credit Card is passed directly to PayPal Inc Via a Secure Server guarded by Thawte Security encryption (if payment is processed via PayPal).

The only information that we record about you is information necessary for correspondence, and monitoring the user’s progress.